May 21, 2020

Dear Friends of Shibumi Knoll Vineyards:

So much to say, so much to be grateful for and so much to be humbled by. Our new normal is in its infancy with uncertainty as to what it will look like. Our future is not guaranteed, it never was.

Our times of Sheltering in Place left with our thoughts, contemplating our goals and our life have given us all pause. The earth has done the same.  My heart is sad for our losses and amazed at the bravery of so many. We can only wake up each day and be thankful, perhaps moving towards improving our ways and our relationship to our world.

Wine has been part of our lives for thousands of years.  The vines are hearty, beautiful, and ancient looking.  The drinking of wine had many meanings along the way.  One was to honor humans both present and not present as well as the environment. Very fitting for our current new world.

As you pour a glass of wine this year think of it as a ritual of hope going forward. Celebrate love for each other, our families, and our pets and we will keep doing the best that we can.

2017 Shibumi Knoll Vineyard Chardonnay Buena Tierra Vineyard Tasting Notes

The 2017 vintage is a beautiful example of our signature Shibumi Chardonnay. The Buena Tierra Vines do not let me down and keep giving me these magnificent grapes. This year’s harvest still had as many tons as always with big, tight bunches of fruit.  I am grateful. I have been a fan of my chardonnay from day one.  I know I am bias but I don’t want to be without it.
This vintage seems to lean towards the 2013 taste with notes of 2015 and 2016. An opulent, beautiful rounded wine for sure.
On the nose, you smell honeycomb and apricot with a slight hint of warm spices. The color is bright, clear and golden with legs that gently slide down the sides. The taste is a treat of Meyer lemon and vanilla with a touch of Crème Brulee. Its fresh, smooth and delicate. The complex flavors of the old vines make this wine an old soul. The finish lingers just long enough. Please enjoy!

To our health and to our safety,

Joann Serafini Ross

Proprietor, Shibumi Knoll Vineyards