Shibumi Knoll Vineyards
20th Year Anniversary!


Shibumi Knoll Vineyards Spring 2020 Offer
Buena Tierra Chardonnay   

Cases Produced – 155
Grapes Harvested – 9/12/2020
Aged – 14 months – 75% new French oak
Bottled – 12/10/2021
Alcohol 14.4%


May 11, 2023

Dear Friends of Shibumi Knoll:
This year we are celebrating 20 years in business. It’s hard to believe that so many years have gone by. The old cliché that time goes by fast is so true. It doesn’t feel like 20 years at all. It seems like yesterday my late husband and I started this journey. Our beginnings were so innocent and fun. We hand wrote all of our orders on the kitchen table, we packed all the wine and had it shipped out. The only assistance we had was from our faithful dogs. That is still true today with my Black lab Balthazar (Bali) always by my side.


Besides my very important dog, many great people are now part of the Shibumi Knoll family. They have been and are invaluable to me, I appreciate them each day. The best part is I’m still having fun and don’t think of this as a job but as a gift and blessed life.
Back in the day Napa Valley didn’t have the weather we have now with drought and massive fires. 2020 was a year to forget for many reasons one was our fires that left some without any grapes at all. I was lucky that my Chardonnay and Cabernet made it through and produced wonderful, delicious wine. The Pinot Noir was not so lucky, I won’t have a 2020 vintage coming out in the fall.


The chardonnay yield is smaller than usual but it is going to be one of my favorites and I know yours too.


Tasting Notes:
The nose is delicate with a slightly sweet honey nectar scent. There are hints of grapefruit and lemon that fill your senses. The nose is a beautiful introduction to the delight you’ll taste. This 2020 is a magical balance of richness and freshness. It’s a perfect representation of what Shibumi is all about.
It all starts with the great grapes. The Buena Tierra Vines are 50+ years old giving them many years to have perfected their flavor. You can’t make anything well without the ingredients being the best.
The wine is a luscious color with bright golden hues. There are citrus notes and spice adding depth of flavor. The finish is lasting, not too long but just right.


** In celebration of 20 years of Shibumi Knoll,  I am offering 20% off on all formats of our library Chardonnay. The library vintages (with the updated pricing) can be purchased on our website under Order Wines/Library Vintages.**

A toast to you, the Chardonnay and 20 years,

Joann Serafini