October 10, 2022

Dear Friends of Shibumi Knoll vineyards,

I’m happy to present our 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2019 Pinot Noir.

This year has been especially beautiful in the valley. The weather was for the most part not too hot with pleasant nights. We got close to harvest with anticipation and excitement then a heat wave hit. The heat was intense and lasted longer than had hoped. Some grapes suffered but the picking got ramped up fast. The valley floor was awash in bright lights in the dark of night and in the early mornings, getting those beautiful bunches in the bins and on their way to wineries. I think the wine will be excellent with complex, rich flavors.

The 2019 wines are delicious. I am in love with both varietals. The tasting notes below will share some of what you may find when you have your first glass. A beautiful way to move into the fall and winter months with two outstanding reds to accompany your holiday meals and
cozy winter nights. The cabernet is maturing into an outstanding wine. It drinks like an old soul yet ages so well. I believe this can be attributed to the aging of the vines. The estate Cabernet vines are now 26 years old. The fruit has a depth and complexity of flavor that has
been born out of its years of experience with many more years to come.

The Pinot Noir is smooth, rich and elegant. A lovely accompaniment to the Cabernet. I find as a red wine lover, depending on your mood, food, and environment, having a Pinot in your cellar is the perfect addition that makes you wonder how you’ll choose in the future. The new Riddle Vineyard is a quintessential pinot vineyard with cool, foggy mornings and evenings and bright sunny days. It’s northern California landscape at its finest.

The wine business is unique in the passion it evokes and the celebration it brings to us all. I’m excited to share the Shibumi experience, born out of love and passion. Wine is like a song. The melody begins and the notes open up and breathe emotion. You can be carried away and
will long to repeat the experience. Just as a bottle of wine can stir emotion, create experience and memories.

2019 Riddle Vineyard Pinot Noir Tasting Notes
This Pinot has a beautiful nose with hints of ripe plum and cherries. It’s medium bodied, with bright acidity and silky tannins. The complex flavors include raspberries and baking spice. It’s smooth on the pallet with just the right amount of lingering taste to carry you through to the next sip. We know you’ll enjoy this lovely Pinot.

2019 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting Notes
This vintage of Cabernet is so delicious. It has a wonderful nose that fills your senses with nutmeg and dark fruits. The intense bold fruit flavors include plum , dried apricot and black currant with a subtle earthiness. This wine has soft tannins and a long mouth feel that’s smooth and velvety on the palate. This old soul cabernet will be one of your favorites to drink now and for years to come.

Drink well,

Joann Serafini
Proprietor, Shibumi Knoll Vineyards

Many of you have visited the winery and met my two black labs, Bali and Tucker. Tucker at 15 passed away on the 23 rd of September. He passed peacefully at his beloved Shibumi looking out the front door at the stunning views of vines and mountains on a sunny beautiful day. He was a true gentlemen dog. He will be missed beyond measure but his spirit lives here on the knoll and in our hearts.